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...(Caixin) sets high standard in terms of accuracy and insight, helping people outside China understand China, and helping people in China have a healthy debate on some policy-making topics.
Robert Zoellick
Robert Zoellick
Former President of the World Bank Group
If you want to learn and understand about what's happening in China, in this region, what is the Chinese view, you should look at what Caixin has published.

Pascal Lamy
Pascal Lamy
Former Director-general, WTO
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Make informed investment decisions and spot financial trends early with Caixin’s exclusive economic and financial insights. Our current institutional readers include the globally leading commercial banks, investment institutions, global asset management firms, insurance companies and more.

Shape your China strategy and keep informed with cutting-edge industry analysis and coverage of commercial trends. Our institutional readers include Fortune 500 companies, leading tech companies and multinational corporations and institutional investors.

Enjoy premium access to a critical reference for policy makers in China and around the world, along with authoritative interpretations of policy movements and economic trends. Our institutional readers include G20 governments, international organizations, multilateral development banks and leading think tanks.

Provide your students with the best materials to understand China business, comprehensive, in-depth and nuanced. Join over 60% of the world’s top 50 universities along with top business schools, China and Asia studies programs that benefit from a group subscription.

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Think and look smart with Caixin’s exclusive and market-moving news. Stay ahead of the competition with indispensable information on everything China business. Our institutional readers include top global management consulting firms, law firms and accounting firms.

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